CarryBag Foundations

CarryBag Foundation was formed to carry out services in the field of health and hygiene. Keeping health as a prime factor and to achieve that hygiene as contributor we have taken up clean toilets as focus and our first project is Swacha Shouchalaya Swastha Shouchalaya.

This has been derived because over 10 Crore toilets have been constructed and most of them are in rural area, if they are not properly maintained each toilet will become breading house for worms and germs resulting epidemic, keeping this in mind we have started Swatch Shouchalaya under which we are donating toilet cleaning kit on monthly basis.

Our next project will be supply of first AID kits for workers, working in Infra and other projects. unorganized 3rd project is to cover unorganized sector under insurance, research and development is another core area which we want to focus as a part of it we are soon organizing a deminor on title TECH KARNATAKA.


India has done a commendable job by constructing toilets by several millions this project will be incomplete if toilets are not maintained properly and can be more devastating causing epidemics to spread realising the situation we in CarryBag Foundation are supporting the activity of maintain the toilets with clean and Hygiene and have started donating Swatcha shouchalaya kit to avoid the epidemic factor.

under which we are distributing

Swatch Souchalya Kit



AAP Based networking of Users also One to One , Awareness Programs & Social campaigning
For NEW Kits
  • Representative from Govt Schools has to send request for new SSK by downloading the AAP Google play store
  • Once the request is generated an OTP will be sent to registered mobile number.
  • Once OTP is received Representative has to take the Picture of Toilet to be cleaned send it across.
  • Verification of Documents will be done from internal team
  • Documents to be attached : KYC of Institution/ with Request letter on letterhead (For Institution PAN card and request letter on Letterhead with seal, sign and date mandatory)
  • Delivery note will be sent to registered mobile number
  • Supply will be effected
For Refill of Kits
  • Refill request has to be sent from the subscribers
  • Once the request is generated an OTP will be sent to registered mobile number.
  • Once OTP is received Representative has to send the Picture of already cleaned toilet using SSK
  • Refill kits will be issued only for the registered subscribers once in a Month additional kits needs to be to be purchased.
  • Refill kits will be issued only after verification.

We Reached with Swatch Souchalya Kit

  • Chikaballapura
  • Hunsur
  • Virajpet
  • Bangalore rural
  • Kanakapura
  • Satnur
  • Nanjangud
  • K R Nagar
  • Udupi

Plan of Action

  • A dedicated person with cleaning chemicals, equipment’s and Tag will go to schools clean the Toilets once in a week.

  • Once cleaning is completed the person will get an acknowledgement for cleaning completion duly signed by incharge /Head Master.

  • After cleaning, next scheduled cleaning date will be mentioned on the tag which will be pasted to Toilet door/suitable place

  • Around 5 Schools in a Day will be covered i.e around 10 toilets/Day

Know More About

  • Manpower
  • Transportation cost
  • Cost of cleaning chemicals and other items
  • Cost of Equipment if any
  • Cost of A water bottle of 20lts to be carried in case water is not available in school it will be utilized
Costing per school
  • Cost of Cleaning Materials and Consumables Rs.290/toilet x 2 = ₹ 580.00 (2 toilets per school)
  • Cost of Labour (2nos) - ₹ 400.00
  • Transportation cost - ₹ 50.00
  • Administration charges (10%) - ₹ 103.00
  • Cost per day per school - ₹ 1133.00
  • Total cost per school per month - ₹ 4532.00
Cost considered is for average of 4 weeks
Cost per school per Annum - ₹ 54384.00
Items Excluded from Costing
  • Cost of Pump
  • Cost of Vehicle
  • Uniform and Welfare Expenditure
  • Labour Insurance

For Donations or Volunteer's reach at
+91 9538860043 / 9900473002

Our Aim

is to keep surrounding Clean and Healthy